May 25, 2007

Where is Everybody?

We´re now on Isla Mujeres, Mexico, awaiting a break in the weather to sail back to the Florida Keys. We´ve just sailed north from the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, through Belize, and then up the coast of Mexico. 

These are beautiful cruising areas, with gorgeous coral reefs, friendly ports, and plenty of nice things to do ashore. What has struck us the most is the lack of cruisers. We only saw one other cruising boat on the entire Mexican coast between Xcalak and Isla Mujeres--and that was in a week of harbor hopping. In Belize we were frequently the only boat in gorgeous anchorages, or maybe we shared them with two or three others. At Half Moon Cay on Lighthouse Reef we saw two other cruising boats.

So, if you get tired of trying to shoehorn your way into crowded anchorages, head down here to the Northwest Caribbean and join the few of us down here--we´d love to see you!