October 26, 2006

You Want to Tear Your Hair Out!

It gets very frustrating trying to do the simplest boat projects out here. There are four major places to get hauled in Cartagena. I liked the look of Club de Pesca's lift. It would be gentle on the boat, close to the water for a bit cooler temperatures, and we'd be the only boat around so we wouldn't have to eat sanding dust. Well, they have a three-week waiting list.

So I'm off to my second choice, Manzanillo Marina Club, to see if they can get us in quicker. Of course, their tiny lift requires us to unrig the roller furler and forestay--at least--and maybe undo some of the mizzen rigging. At least they have a pressure washer, which the other yards don't have. Of course, there is an extra fee for that, and we have to negotiate prices with other teams of workers for various jobs.

First I need to get some antifouling paint. I wanted blue, but that is almost unavailable. The last two cans were taken at the Hempel dealer. Plus Hempel's prices were sky high. So I found someone who could get Sigma at a discount, but only in red. Yuck! I wanted black as my second choice, but now I'm down to my third reluctant choice.

Oh yes, the boatyards will only take payments in cash, which of course is dangerous to carry around in large amounts. A French couple was relieved of about $5000 last week while on their way to pay a boatyard bill. Their taxi was stopped at gunpoint, so someone tipped off the thieves. The saga will continue...